To White Friends That Disappoint

The question I really wanted to ask was,

“Why do you (a white person) get a better chance of surviving this wreckage and I don’t? Do you care enough to do something about it?”

Be prepared because I’m about to get real:

I shouldn’t have to ask you how you’d react if I died at the hands of a cop’s gun for you to pull your head out of your feelings to see the reality. We are all in danger. The world is political. Whiteness and white comfort is not only assumed “normal”. It’s a “normal” worth defending by brutalizing, killing, and imprisoning others in the sake of capitalism and white supremacy. It is your job as a white person to attack white supremacy.



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Prince Shakur

Prince Shakur


AUTHOR of WHEN THEY TELL YOU TO BE GOOD (Tin House Books, Oct ’22) | The Creative Hour Podcast | Twitter @prshakur |