What I Learned Through Travel, Activism, And (Eventually) Healing

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International Travel and Global Anti-Blackness In Activism

As a queer writer and activist, I’ve made an effort to travel internationally. The goal is to both understand other cultures and their struggles but to also form a deeper understanding of what my blackness means globally. In 2017, I wrote an essay about the array of racially uncomfortable experiences I had during three months traveling in the Philippines – from having children point at me while laughing to being asked by a Filipino police officer how large my penis was – I asked of black travelers about the silence around the array of racially traumatic experiences we can incur while we travel. “Is it because if we are afraid that the world would aim to destroy us once more if we were honest?”


African Spirituality and the Black American Experience

For many African-Americans, Yoruba, a West African Spirituality that predates the Atlantic Slave Trade, provides important context for those seeking to deepen their self-expression. In the 1950s, Yoruba became an integral part of surging black nationalist movements.

Travel, Activism, and (Eventually) Healing

The more I traveled, organized, and wrote, the more those three areas of my life became a method of healing and the less I saw my experiences expressed in the black travel movement. Countless blog posts raved about the possibility of being a black traveler abroad or escaping the United States upon the election of President Donald Trump. The majority of content about black travel, although glossy, skimmed over the brutal parts.



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Prince Shakur

Prince Shakur


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